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VenuG Presents: Verresh Malik, The Indian Rhinestone Cowboy, with the subway smoke & the coins tucked inside my shoe.

First read THIS post by Veeresh Malik, then my blog post
Thank You.. 

Why this blog?
Well, I know Veeresh for 5 years now, the title being musical, I came into contact with him & Jeanne Kennedy Nanda, via a YouTube Dance Music video. He's a crusader of sorts & is hard hitting at times on issues for the common man.
I start with the video of Rhinestone Cowboy 1st. Then the post.

The subject is Janata Meals MRP ₹15 on the Indian Railways.

My tryst with Indian Railways meals, started early in 1967, at the tender age of 7, on a train journey between Jodhpur & Jaipur, in an FC (First Class) Coupe .
The "coupe" looked like this. Remember Pakeeza? Beautifully described in THIS blog.

Chalo Dildaar Chalo Chand Ke paar chalo

At those times, India was still reeling under the hangover of "The British Raj" Waiters still wore the "Baira/Bearer "
Like this.

The Egg Sunny Side up, Bread Butter Toasted, & tea, in a set tray, containing Tea pot(covered by a cushion cover) milk & sugar pot was the standard breakfast. At Phulera Junction at 7 AM. Yum
Like this.

When I opened Facebook this Monday morning, I found this picture 
Veeresh Malik changed his display picture.
I found people criticising Janata meals. 
I posted the following comments. 

" To those who call it Unhygienic I am that Sadist Aam Aadmi who enters Comesum/Food Plaza (the boutique food. Outfit at Old Delhi/New Delhi/Agra/Howrah/Mumbai Central / CST 
A) Where their AC is never working.
B) Room Temperature there is always higher than temperature on the platform.
C) Where Janata Khana is NEVER Available.
D) Where 
I the sadist , enters asks "5 Janata meals dena!" They feign ignorance.
I shout
Thump counter
Raise a hue & cry
Throw Tantrum
E) Suddenly meals appear out of the blue.
F) I pay ₹75
G) Hand over the 5 meals to poor people standing outside.
H) Show the manager my middle finger. & Walk Away.
For ignoramus.
Janata Meals is Indian Railways Food Packet
Mandatory to be kept at every food court as per Railway Budgets.
It contains 
5 Puris
Seasonal Vegetable or ALU Sabzi
Lime Pickle.
Contains full food pyramid essentials 
Tastier than the ₹75 lunch at Comesum.
"RK" the dreaded railway contractor runs most of catering outfits under IRCTC , on/off trains including Rajdhani/Shatabdi/Duronto.  has clout, muscle power to cow down every voice against him.
I hold a record of sorts. 113 complaints against his outfits . Introduced by Laloo no Railway Minister has been able to dislodge him.
Can the media take it up please?"

I'm sure the cardboard is bio degradable as compared to plastic tin packaging at KFC/CCD outfits there is rice paper inside."

Well we Indians praise the "Sarkari" Government subsidised stuff, &,praise outrageously priced atrociously insipid & unhealthy food stuff , dished out by private enterprises, without realising the fact that 85% of Indians can neither afford them nor relish the flavourless food.
There are two basic facts mentioned.
A) The food is unhygienic.
B) Food is unhealthy.

My two bits.

A) Indian fast food, whether it is Puri Bhaji, or Vada Pav, or Samosa, or Kachori, or Idli, or Dosai, Upma, pesarettu, hoppers, putty, nool-puttu(idiappams) dalia, sooji halwa, alu-chokha, porota-alu sum, luchi-alu dum, cannot be stored, 90% are deep fried, at 400° Centigrade, hence 
I) Can never be stale as there is a continuous turnover of ingredients, which cannot be stored for long, taste stale if stored for more than 4 hours in subtropical hot high temperatures in the environment, hence it is always fresh. 

II) On the contrary, Salads(washed in dirty water contain ecoli virus) Mutton Rolls, Mayonnaise Sandwiches(Coleslaw r Chicken) stink try Mongini's stuff and smell it before eating? Yuck! Pizza Hut toppings, McD burgers, KFC Chickens are deep forzen items, containing preservatives. Try keeping them in open air under sun for 60 minutes to know. Open Lemonade/Sugarcane juice is fresh, try keeping a food item tooth in any fizzy aerated drink for 6 hours & see what it does!

B) Indian fast food contains all the ingredients of the food mountain
Fats, Carbohydrates & Proteins.
Western pricey fast food contains MSG, mono sodium gluconate which causes. Colon Cancer. They contain preservatives, some of which are fatal. 
The physical health of Indians prior to arrival of Western Fast food was better. There were no obese people, cardiovascular & endocronological diseases like Diabetes were less. The price of profits of these firms like Yum Foods owners of KFC, Pizza Hut & McD are paid by the Indian Tax Payer. I'm sure, you all remember the breakfast prepared by your Moms or Dads(in my case I do I & my Sister.  , so do my sisters & my kids, all of whom, grew up eating "The Lunchbox" prepared by my late Achchan.

After I wrote my above comment, I read this beautiful blog by Veeresh, what made me happy, was, Veeresh too, gave away the "Janata Meals" to poor people, So did I, always on my Rail trips(which are quite frequent)
I leave you, with a clip, of the recent beautiful Hindi movie Ritesh Batra's "The Lunchbox"
How Nimrat Kaur's Lunchbox, changed the life of Irrfan Khan. 

Tell you what, it always does. 

They say, the road to a man's heart, passes through his stomach. 

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VenuG Presents: A Tourist Guide To Amar Kolkata. Calcutta The City of Joy

How to Reach Kolkata
I would advise any traveller to Kolkata a few tips how to travel in Kolkata.
1 Except if you're travelling to Kolkata in November December, PLEASE
In case you're from North India, kindly bring light woolens only, western wear & ethnic wear not traditional wear, if you're an Indian please do not bring any Sarees, but buy them from Kolkata, from M.G.Road Basak near M.G.Road Metro/Mahajati Sadan, or from Rash Behari Avenue between priya cinema to Gariahat Bridge. Or from Any shop at Dakshinapan (ask for Dakkhinapan) at Dhakuria overbridge you may ask for Madhusudan Manch.
Buy a few Cotton Tantuja/Or Tant Saree (as known in North India) Buy at least one, especially with Cream/Off White base & Red Motif/Border. Also buy in dark Earth contrasting shades, for details look on Google Images search Rituparna Sengupta, Swastika Mukherjee, Raima Sen, Riya Sen, Roopa Ganguli, Suchitra Sen(in colour please)
Parno Mitra, and kindly wear the off white/red one, whenever you visit Kalighat Temple.
If you did not visit Kalighat Temple, Drink Bhaad Chai(in earthen clay cup), leebu(lemon) chai, Lal Chai, Eat Puchka(Gol Gappa/Pani Puri) for non indians a hollow ball made of flour, filled with fierry hot spicy cold water, & boiled mashed potato, for the brave I suggest say 'Jhaal Tez" (make it more spicy)!! Jhaal(spicy) Muri(puffed rice) with mustard oil, raw mango, sliced fresh coconut, groundnut, sliced diced onion, kaacha longka(green chilly)
And green coriander lraves, lemon juice. Rosogolla, Sandesh, Mishti Doi(Sweet Curd not yoghurt ok!) Especially Nolen Gur(Liquid Palm Jaggery)  Rosogalla, Sandesh & Mishti Doi.
If you don't do the above, better avoid Kolkata. (except the Saree part if you're a Western Wear Nazi) You'd be surprised to see loads of Americans & Europeans, moving around south Kolkata in Saree/Eastern Wear.

If you're a South Indian, play safe carry a "Baader Tupi"(Monkey Cap) Maaflaar(Muffler) you could pass on like A Ghosh Babu or Chatter/Banner/Mukher jee Chatto/Bandho/Mukho padhyaya.

For Europeans & Americans, anyone coming from Cold Climate, the minimum temperature is 12 °C (10° a couple of days at max that too near Christmas)

Travel light. Travel Light. TRAVEL LIGHT!!!
At Howrah, Sealdah & Dum Dum Airport,
The Famous Yellow Amby Cab Driver is the worst Brand Ambassador of Kolkata, after Aveek Sarkar & Arnab Goswami of Course.
They're more of Shylocks cum bouncers cum Thughs.
Except a seasoned Jhalla(Smart Alec) like me, its Taxi Driver 1 Tourist/Even Bhadralok 0!!
Even at Prepaid counter, you gotta queue a long one at thag.
Carry an Umbrella!!! It rains 11 months in a year, suddenly pours cats & dogs.
Carry Odomos(Mosquito repellant)
Carry Tortoise Brand Mosquito repellant coils as well as electric mosquito repellant like Good Night.
Carry comfortable walking Sandals & Shoes.
If you're an "AC Cab types" Avoid Kolkata. You won't even see 50% of what's to be seen.

A walk from Eden Gardens to Office "Para" (Locality) Binoy Badal Dinesh Baag or BBD Bag(Also known by Cab Drivers as Dalhousie Square) you seesee
I have made Video of BBD Bag Architecture HERE
And Someone else too. Here.
Eden Gardens
St John's Church
Town Hall/ Indira Gandhi Indoor Stadium.
Bidhaan Sabha(Legislature)
RBI (Reserve Bank of India) Building.
Balmer Laurie
U -Turn
Gillander House,
Bengal Chambers of Commerce & Industry, 6, N.S.Road(Netaji Subhash Road)
The above is a heritage building built in 1857, from where, British Ruled India!

So all the above are on your left when you walk.
Writer's Building, Stephen House, LIC Building, Grand Hotel, each is an Architectural beauty to be admired on foot.
Walk from Eastern Railway Headquarters to Fairlie Place, go to Babughat Railway Station, then to Babughat ferry, take a ferry to Belur Math(from under Howrah Bridge known as Rabindra Setu), Dakshineshwar Temple or Howrah Railway station, at Rs2-5 at this moment, and enjoy a boat cruise on Hooghly too! On deturn, enter Millenium Park. Sit on  bench, watch life pass through on River Hooghly especially between 7AM to 9 AM in the morning.
Walk to Princep Ghat, cross the railway station sit on Banks of Hooghly and watch new Howrah Bridge known as Vidyasagar Setu.
Walk from Fairlee Place to Phool Bagan or Flower Market early in the morning say 5 AM.
Walk from Esplanade(Dharmatolla) to Sir Stuart Hogg Market( S S Hogg Market) also known as New Market.
Eat Cakes, Marzipans at the cities oldest Bakery Shop Nahoum & Sons.
Eat Crushed Ice Candy/Baraf Ka Gola, Kulfi Falooda, drink Kala Khatta/Badam Sharbat, Eat Biryani at Shiraaz/Aminia(Haleem during Ramzan) Kathi Rolls at Nizam's. Shop.
Walk from Grand Hotel towards Park Street
Have Beer Rum or Whisky at SomeplaceElse The Park Hotel
Or Olys Pub
Or Magnolias
Or Trincas listening to Music
Eat Ice Cream at Magnolias
Dinner at Moulin Rouge, Mocambo, Kewpies, Trincas, Kwality.
Eat Pastry, Chocolate Balls, Patties at Flurrys.
Bagels & Pesto Sauce or Croissants or Sandwiches at Au Bon Pain
Walk out to Park Street Metro
Go to Sudder Street talk to a tourist,
Walk ahead to Indian Museum,
Victoria Memorial
Elliot Park
Birla Planetarium.

Walk to Ballygunge Phari
Towards Birla Temple
Drink Sattu
Eat Hot Singhada(Samosa)
Enter Birla Temple pray
Come out.
Enter Birla Tecnology Museum
Come out
Enter The Dhaba eat Parantha & Dahi
Or Chole Bhature
Cross Street Drink Bsdam Shake at Ralli Singh.
Who.needs a Cab?!!!
Pro Tip
Rail plus Ferry.
Auto plus Metro
Or Auto plus Bus
Or Auto plus circular local rail is
The best way to navigate faster in Kolkata.

Here are Some of extensive Videos on Kolkata
1 Kolkata though with a Europran POV
2 Flavours of Kolkata HEREHERE Food Trail by Aneesha Baig.
3 By Rocky & Mayur Food in Kolkata
4 Rocky & Mayur at Presidency
5 Foodie Kunal Vijaykar in Kolkata
6 Balram Mullick Radharaman Mullick Jadu Bazaar by VenuG
Avoid Cabs
Kolkata Taxi Driver is the rudest anywhere on earth. Their could be a flash taxi strike, during rains they create tantrums.
Calcutta Transport Corporation, Calcutta Tramways Company, Kolkata Metro, Indian Railways, Blue rickety(but convenient) buses, Shared Auto Rickshaw(TukTuks) Red(The last Red left) Minibus(slightly inconvenient) in that order is the preferable mode of transport, if you're a seasoned traveller. In Case you are a fussy traveller
Take a private Taxi
They operate at the following rates as on Date.
80kms or 8 hours whichever is earlier Rs130/hour
After 80kms/8hours Rs12 AC Indigo/Rs13 Maruti Swift dzire
Garage to Garage)Garage to pickup point is on you.
So chose a closer guy & do the pickup /drop point at the Garage.
So if on above you travel 100kms in 8,hours 130*8+13*20 =1040+260=1300

Wbtdc bus 8:30 to 5:30 @ Rs450/pax
Following route.

Which are also the most important places to visit.
The itinerary is as follows :
Starting and Ending point : WBTDC office at BBD Bag > Raj Bhavan-Akashvani Bhavan - Bidhan Sabha - High Court - Treasury Building - St. John's Church - GPO - Writers Building – Howrah Bridge - Belur Math(Be there at 11:30,for bhog.) - Dakshineswar Temple – Jain Temple – Museum – Lunch Break.
Saheed Minar-Town Hall-Eden Gardens-Prinsep Ghat- Netaji Bhavan- St Pauls Cathedral – Victoria Memorial.
Timings : 8.30AM – 5.30 PM"

How to go about the trip
Here is a helpful tip from TripAdvisod forum. Here
Important Places to visit in Kolkata are given above, Most Important Being Belur Math, Dakshineshwar Temple. Indian Museum(Biggest in Asia) & Victoria Memorial.
Places Not Covered in above.
Marble Palace, Jorsanko Thakur Bari(Tagore's home) Kalighat temple, Birla Technology Museum, Botanical Garden, Nicco Park, Science City. Eco Park Rajarhat.(LATEST ADDITION Thanks to Mamata Didi), Rabindra Sadan Adda, College Street & Indian Coffee House, College Street.
Rabindra Sarovar or Lakes Dhakuria.
Millenium Park.
Mamata Didi's gift to Kolkata the new riverfront between Princep Ghat to Race Course.
Soon coming "Kolkata Eye" Like London Eye,!!

Imoortant places in Kolkata 175 via TripAdvisor
10 Most important places to visit in KolkataKolkata via travelwithsmiletravelwithsmile

Kolkata on Wikipedia

Kolkata on WikiTravel


WestBengalTourism city tour booking link Rs450/pax

Calcutta Tramways Corporation site
AC Tram
Saturday Sunday 9 AM Rs150
From Esplanade Tram Depot to Shyam Bazaar
Covers BBD Bagh, Jorsankho Thakurbari(from outside) Srar Theatre, Nakoda Mosque, Back at Esplanade. Covers Lal Dighi, Writers Building but not St John's, GPO.

Saturday Sunday 5PM Esplanade to Kalighat Temple & Back
Rs 100

Wednesday 3PM Rs 150 Esplanade to Khidderpur
Covers Maidan, Victoria, on ths route

Snacks , Tea & Soft Drinks/Juices avalable on payment.
Tram is AC & very comfortable

Vivada River Cruise

Morning Millenium Ghat to Belur Math and Back 7:30-11:30 Rs1500/pax
Afternoon Baghbazaar to Both bridges & Lunch on Cruise. 12:30-2:30 Rs1000/pax
Evening 3:30-5:45 Millenium Ghat to Belur Sandhya Aarti 15:00-17:45 Rs1500/pax
Night 19:30-21:30 Drinks &  Night Cruise from Bagh Bazaar to both bridges.  Rs1000/pax
Bridge to Bridge 18:15-19:15 Fs100,

1 By Rail. Duronto From Mumbai & Delhi (Fare includes Food)
2 Rajdhani from New Delhi Railway Station to Howrah as Well as Sealdah. Two trains 7 days a week.

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VenuG Presents: When in Mumbai- ProTip to an out of town College Fresher in Mumbai

My fb note to a Newbie at HR College, Mumbai.

First things First
Maala Muraathee Maahiti Nain
माला मराठी माहिती नाही!
मुझे मराठी नही आती
I don't know Marathi!

Hey Maaza Kaam Naahi!
हे माझा काम नाही
ये मेरा काम नही है
This is not my job.

त्याला साँग
उनसे(जो मराठी जानता हो) पूछे
Ask him/her (one who knows Marathi)

Kai Trey?
काय रे?
क्या रे?(अबे क्या है मार खाने का क्या?!)

बहुत आवश्यक******
उदया भेटू या
जय महारष्ट्र
जय शिवाजी
जय बालासाहेब
Can't be explained
The 4 sentences to be repeated in quick succession.

Udaya Bhetu Ya(See you in the morning)
Jai Maharashtra(Maharashtra)
Jai Shivaji(King Shivaji Maharaj)
Jai Balasaheb(Thakre)
कल सुबह भेंट होगी
जय महाराष्ट्
जय शिवाजी
जय बालासाहेब.

येतो(जा रहा हूँ)
ये (आओ)
In Malayalam, Marathi & Bangla
Go means come,
Come means go.

Aashchi is Ja rahaa Hoon(I'm going)
Jaachi is Aa rahaa Hoo(I'm coming)
Varatte(I'm leaving)
Poita Varaam(I will come back after leaving now)
Like Au Revoir in French.

Chal (Short for Chal Mee Niktos/Zaato Aahe Rrey)
चल(चल आमी निक्तोस/ज़ातो/येतो र्रे अँचा छोटा रूप)
चल(चल मे निकलता हूँ र्रे का सँक्षिप्त रूप)
Ciao (Short for I must be leaving Dude/Dudette)

Vaanda Nain.
वाँदा नही(गुजराती)
No Problem.
कोई बात नही.

Heard on Railway Over bridges especially at Dadar/Kurla)
बाज़ू/अबे जाने दे ना!!
Give side please/Mmmmmov

Things to do When in Town side(Churchgate-VT/CST) or South Mumbai.
1. Eat the best bhel-puri in Mumbai.
2. Learn Sindhi, Gujarati, Marathi & Marwari.
3. Sit on the Marine Drive Wall & eat Shengdana (Chili hui moonghphali)(Note: Sit WITH YOUR BACK FACING THE SEA)
4. Time pass when doing 3, watching couples kiss/hug/smooch/walk hand in hand(Sitting with Back to the Sea)
5. Find a girlfriend *
6. Must Eat these 40 Mumbai foods
Don't do 40/84 dumb things in Mumbai. :) **
link in my blog below at end.
7. Hang out outside KC College(for :p ) /Bhavans College for lasses with glasses (Note for Bhavans knowledge of Aamchi Marathi is MUST)
8. Ice Cream Cone at corner shop opposite Not just Jazz by the bay)
9. Have the best pizza at Not just Jazz by the bay.
10. Sing Do Music at Not Just Jazz by the bay.
11. Eat the best Gujarati Thali, Farsan, Khaman Dhokla, Frankie, Misal Pau, Vada Pau, Batata Vada, Varan Bhat, Sabudana Vada & Dahi, Bhel, Pani Puri.
12. Have Coffee at Church gate station & watch people. Buy ticket before that.
13. Walk from HR College to Walkeshwar on Marine Drive, From HR College to CST Station to Crawford Market(have falooda chuski there) via Kala Ghoda. (On the footpath dirt cheap bestsellers available. From Mario Puzo to Shiv Khera to Stephen King to Jeffrey Archer DIRT CHEAP)
14 When you get time from 1-13 study. :p
follow @TrafflineMUM @bombaylives @MumbaiCentral @MumbaiLocal @anaggh @si0007 on Twitter very helpful info on Mumbai.
* Optional
** If Vegan it would be only 10/40 you could eat.
read a link in my blog 40 things to eat when in Mumbai CNNGO.
a 3 minute short film by Nitin Dad
on Spirit of Mumbai. through Mumbai Locals.

चल मि येतो र्रे
उदया भेंटू या

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VenuG Presents Fusion Food Rasmalai with Mishti Doi & Milkmaid's Condendsed Milk Yummy

osogolla from Balram Mallik 10 60Rs
VenuG's unique Rasmalai 
Smiles on Families face priceless.
For all that Cash.
For rest Global MasterCard Debit Cards Hai na!
Blend Mishti Doi & Condensed Milk,
Add Vanilla
Add Rosogolla
Referigerate for 30 minutes.
Remove from Fridge.
Garnish with Saffron strands
Pistachio diced..
Unique flavour of Zaffraan & Vanilla.
Tangy Mishti Doi.
Warning. Those who are traditional,
This is fusion food from VenuG's brain.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

The Quickest Recipe on Earth. Condolezza Rice VenuG Presents a 2 minute recipe from his Mother's Recipe Onion Porichal

There would be ample occasions like this, in everyones life.

An out of town cousin, niece or nephew, drops in, late at night.


Boss asked you, to stay back, finish your report, before leaving, and you reach home very very late.


You had to complete the tender quotation, leaving you, with little or no energy, to cook.


Your growing up Son/Daughter, barges in, and says, no SHOUTS!!!


Your Pregnant wife, wakes up at midnight, and purrs into your ear,
" Sunny  (<< See Video) (substitute name) mujhe khatta khane ka man kar raha hai!"

Subject to, you have a Cadbury's Dairy Milk,

and some leftover rice,
Space for photo
 in the refrigerator,

You could reply "Pehle kuch meetha ho jaaye??"


Kerala Recipe to eat with Rice.

Called, "Onion Porichal"

1. Onion ( Lal Pyaaz(Urdu) Kanda(Hindi)/Ulli(Malayalam)Pink 1 large. 60-80 grams.

2. Salt ( Namak(Hindi) Uppu(Malwyalam)1 pinch.

3. Red chilli (Mirch(Hindi)/Molugu(Malayalam)powder. 1 pinch.
(I prefer Andhra Red Chilli powder, it has to have fire,
you may use Deghi/Kashmiri/Potuguese/Spanish too.)

4. Tamarind(Imli(Hindi)/Puli(Malayalam)1/2 ideal or juice of 1/4th lemon.
(My Achchan's(Dad's) recipe, improvised my Amma's(Mother's) recipe, by adding Tang, to my Amma's original simpler version of this dish.)
You could alternatively/possibly add the following items to add tang.

a) Lime juice.
b) Irimbumpuli the green tangy fruit avalable in Kerala.
c) Kokum available in Maharashtra)
d) Worcestershire Sauce, used for chinese dishes.

5. Coconut oil (Nariyal Tel(Hindi)/Vilichenna(Malayalam)1 tsp (ideal) or Olive oil or any oil with a strong flavour like mustard (Shorshe(Bangla) oil.
(My Amma's original recipe, uses Coconut Oil, it is important, that you use, a Cooking oil, with a distinct flavour. If you cannot tolerate Coconut oil, you may use, the following oils:-
a)Olive(Jaitun ( Hindi)) Oil.
b)Mustard(Sarson ( Hindi)/Shorshe ( Bangla)) Oil.
c)Gingelly(Til(Hindi)/ Ellu(Malayalam) Oil
d)Groundnut(Meetha Tel(Gujarati)
e)Any other strong flavoured oil that you use.

Method of Cooking.

Step 1 :

Take out juice of 1/4th lemon
(In a dish pour 1/4th cup tepid water
Add tamarind to tepid water & strain after 5 minutes squeezing out the juice of tamarind.) Use Kokum/Irimbumpuli/ Worcestershire Sauce, AS YOU WOULD USE WHENEVER YOU ADD TANG TO ANY RECIPE)

A question asked while telling this recipe.
"What about the rice? Already cooked?"

Me: "Good question! :-) This dish is a quick acompanyment for already cooked rice, when a guest drops in or you are feeling too lazy to cook. :)
what about the rice?already cooked? "

Step 2 cut onions in 1/16th 1 inch pieces. Keep it aside.

Step 3 put a Dish on Gas ( I DON'T prefer non stick dish... for weight conscious non-stick & lesser oil) pour 1 tsp oil. Before it gets too steamy for Step 4

Step 4 add onions roast till light pink. Must not burn, must remain pink & soft not crunchy)

Step 5 add 1 pinch salt, 1 pinch red chilly powder, tamarind/lime juice.

Voila!!! .

You can now eat Onion porichal with Rice. :)
Step 5 you must just mix spice & salt 30 seconds before taking it off the Gas. The spice must not roast / burn, and the Onions, must be soft not crunchy.
Else you get the taste of burnt onions/spices.

As rice is plain, overdoing would taste awful.

Feedback 1 i think this is very delicious"

Preparation Time 1 minute.
Cooking Time 2 minutes.
Total Time 3 minutes.
Taste Priceless
For the rest you have Global Visa Debit Card :-)
That's where I work :)

Feedback 2 "ohhhh very quick"

Step 5 you must just mix spice & salt 30 seconds before taking it off. The spice must not roast / burn onion must be soft not crunchy. Else you get the taste of burnt onions/spices. As rice is plain, overdoing would taste awful.

¥enjoy. Keep Smiling.



Space for photo of Risotto, Meatballs & Rice, Rajma Chawal, Baked Beans & Rice

1. Microwave the Rice you took out from referigerator, add 1 tsp butter/clarified butter(Desi Ghee(Hindi)/ Nayi(Pyoor ghee in Malayalam) with a pinch of salt.
(You could alternatively saute/shallow fry it adding splutterred mustard/sesame seeds & Curry Leaves/Basil & Thyme/Corriander leaves as per choice)

2 On a warmed plate, please make a well made of rice.

3 Pour the "Onion Porichal" in the centre of Rice well.

4 Serve with Mango Chutney/ Tomato Ketchup(Not hot & sweet or chilli sauce) / Golden Syrup. The accompanyment for my spicy dish, MUST BE SWEET.

                    VAGUE PRESENTATION IDEAS

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

VenuG Presents: The Best Rajasthani Thali in Calcutta, Kolkata : Om Ji Ka Basa +913322711689 , Tula Patti, Machua, Kolkata

You may ask a Marwari, a permanent resident of Kolkata, where to have Marwari/Rajasthani Thali, in Kolkata/Calcutta, S/he may suggest you Gupta Brothers/Jeeman on Sarat Bose Road. But the place I am suggesting to you is
This picture is not of Basa
the food is simpler and tastier.
No Bati Kachori here OK!!!
The above link is a Map for Thakur Mahal 
but om ji ka basa is THE BEST
TEEJ ( which is upmarket)
If you lose your way call at the # below
Telephone +913322711689
The Map is to Thakur Mahal
when you start from Machua Bazar
towards Tula Patti/Babulal Lane
1 Rajasthan Hotel
2 Thakur Mahal
3 Om Ji Ka Basa
(Third Floor)

Now Om ji ka Basa is I am cautioning you, the way to it is pretty Dirty, so are the surroundings, you may find the men, in Angocha's and Banian's offending, but the moment you touch food, you will forget everything
1 कौप्न धारक भोजन करने se पहले कौप्न जमा दे देवे।
2 एक्स्ट्रा कौप्न पर र5 रुपया प्रति कूपन एक्स्ट्रा चार्ज है।
3 दही, लस्सी, दूध, खीर, अमरस, आम, ठंडा पानी वाली बोतल ka एक्स्ट्रा चार्ज लिया जावेगा।
4 पापड़, मिस्सी रोटी, चावल का एक्स्ट्रा चार्ज होगा। जो की रु2, रु3 रु5 क्रमशः होगा।
5 ग्राहक यहाँ मदिरा पान या गुस्सा नहीं कर सकता ( But Ajay Sharma the cook became angry when I was writing this and took away the board where these rules were written। ) :-)

मूल्य तालिका

भोजन नकदी मासिक
देसी घी रु60 रु2880
बिना देसी घी रु55 रु 2580
दही रु 10
घी रु 10
लस्सी रु 15
अमरस रु 20
खीर रु 20

नोट मदिरा पीने वाले या गुस्सा करने वाले को बैठने नहीं दिया जावेगा
And Ajay Sharma the cook, lost his temper, and was later embarrassed, when I pulled his leg for breaking his own rules. :p.

What was served to me.
1 Potato Curry( Alu ki tari wali subzi with saunf and desi ghee, swimming in ghee, and smelling of it) 2 ladles
2 Besan Karhi ( with mangodi in it no onions in food_
4 Salt.
5 Lahsun(Garlic) RED Chutney. Yummmmm
6 1 chappati(chappati is unlimited here eat as much as you can(if with ghee Ra60 w/o ghee Ra55)
7 1 Chappati
8 1 Missis roti, simply out of the world
9 1 Chappati second helping of Alu sabzi(free helping)
10 2 Patols (second helping free)
11 1 Chappati
12 Potato Curry
13 Chappati
14 Rice ( As long as the great wall of china the Longest rice Grain I have seen in my life, that is why there is an extra charge for extra Rice Ra5 per plate.)
15 Roasted Papad 1 pc(extra Ra2 if you want another)
16 Missi roti extra also Ra 3 extra
I was Burrrrp
The regulars told me , lassi pee ke jao, have lassi before going, I said, the only place I can have now is Fart/Sleep, noplace in stomach for anything help.

I had 5 Chappati's 1 Missi Roti, 1 plate Rice while My normal diet is 3 Chappatis and no Rice(If I have Rice No chappati and vice-versa)

Photo Shall happen next time, Cook Ajay Sharma is now  my friend, his suggestion, Ditwar Shaam ne aujo, come on Sunday Evening, you get Besan ke Gatte Ki Subzi and Kabuli. Yummy. So next time it is Sunday evening, then Monday, Kheer is available on Monday evening only. 

Cost on Pocket Rs 60
1 Ambience 1/10 dirty appearance while entering and basins, but it is hygeinic)
2 Food Taste 9/10
3 Service except that initial anger(which I caused) excellent and courteous 9/10
4 Value for Money 10/10 it is the best and cheapest full meal in Desi ghee with the longest grain rice
5 Gourmands comment Burrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrp