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Eid Mubarak Idi is not about Idi Amin Yaaba Daaba dooooooo Khaba Daaba Doooooo

This is where the idea to this post emanated. These people talking like ignoramus about food, I thought, I have eaten at so many places, let me give you some Eid eating delights from Kolkata, where I am, Hyderabad, from what I heard, have eaten Hyderabad food through my Telugu Colleagues in Moradabad & Mumbai. SO HERE GOES!!!
Nalli, Nihari, Kebab, Raan, Sheer Khurma, Firni, Sewaiyan, Eid brings these memories, memories of Moradabad, Joya, Amrioha, Jaipur, Delhi, Lucknow,  Mumbai, Hyderabad & Kolkata. I start in reverse order.
Mehmood Serving Haleem During Ramzan at Aminia, Zakaria Street, Kolkata     
To see a series of pictures on Zakaria Street during Ramzan by yours Truly

The pious month of Ramzan is over, so is the joyous festival of Eid-ul-Fitr, I chose today to write about Food during Ramzan, because I respected the sentiments that many of those for whom this is meant, observe Roza or fast during Ramzan, some on all 30 days. so here goes.

           2 days ago I walked to Zakaria Street, Kolkata, quite close to Central metro during iftaar time, in the wee bit of morning, to visit Aminia for my annual ritual of Arabi Haleem. But somehow I entered Sufia instead, and had a plate of mutton maggaj curry and 2 chapatis. Will have Haleem couple of days later, when the crowd gets less.

 If you visit Kolkata, trips to Park Circus, Park Circus & Zakaria Street are a must
A Google Map below

The best Haleem, Nalli, Paya, Magaz, Kharode, Lachcha Paratha is available at Zakaria Street Aminia, Sufia , Park Circus Arsalan  & Zeeshan & Park Street Arsalan, Esplanade Firdaus, Colootalla Street Islamia & Alliah near Paradise Cinema. a link with recipe of Haleem "Hooked to Haleem " from The Telegraph, Calcutta. At all these places Especially Sufia & Aminia Firni is also available, nearby you get sumptuous Sheer Khurma and Lachcha Paratha( in the morning) also. Zeeshan is known for kebabs and rolls also. Arsalan for Kolkata Biryani, I prefer Licknowi Biryani though. .

Here is another few recipes by Rahul Verma in Graphiti The Telegraph Sunday magazine link it gives recipes of Khichda cooked in lentils and Sangam Kheer made usually in Manipur using Manipuri Black rice

If you Happen to be in Hyderabad, the other place famous for Haleem you can go to the following places
Check this Khao Map of Hyderabad
Minar Cafe its a small cafe Near Charminar map E
Hotel Madina , Patherghati Road A
Paradise, Parade Grounds B
Alpha Hotel & Stores, Secunderabad Station C
Bawarchi RTC Crossroads D
Sultan Bazar for Pragati Gully where you have South Indian Breakfast F
Buhahahaha why never trust Google but a local on Food EXAMPLE
Here is the detailed Burrp article on where to eat LINK

What you Must eat in Hyderabad

Haleem, Biryani, Nihari, Double ka Meetha, Khubani(apricot( ka meethe EXTREMELY SWEET TOOTHED ONLY, Mirch ka Salan, Bhagare Baingan & Irani chai.
South Indian Peanut plus tamarind Chutney with Idli Dosai etc

Some helpful Links
10 Best Hyderabadi Dishes LINK
What to eat & where to eat FOR WHAT TO EAT LINK
Excellent Authentic Recipe of Hyderabadi Gosht Haleem LINK
Excellent Authentic Recipe of Hyderabadi Biryani LINK  LINK2 video
Excellent Authentic Link of Recipe for Double Ka Meetha LINK  video
Excellent Authentic Link of Recipe for Khubani Ka Meetha LINK video

Bandra Near McDonalds near the Signal look to left if you are facing town ( South Mumbai) & Left if facing suburbs Nort Mumbai. There is a bakery, above which is a place which sells the best mutton patties in Town.
Mohammed Ali Road
Google Map of Mohammed Ali Road 
I have been to Mohammed Ali Road Practically every of the 6 years I was in Mumbai from 1994 to 2000 during Ramzan & also during Diwali ( as I was the cultural secretary of our quarters and bringing Diwali crackers for ALL THE 50 odd children was my responsibility. Ah dunno where to start, THE BEST NALLI NIHARI IN INDIA IS SOLD HERE. Also this is the best non vegetarian paradise in India apart from Aminabad Lucknow. I was a frequenter to 
Nawab Sheek Kabab corner during my Colaba days as it meant late nights, dinner was here or Chicken drumsticks from churchgate station.
I also have eaten at Noor Mohammed Hotel THE BEST NALLI NIHARI IN INDIA
Surti 12 Handi again for nihari
Hindustan Hotel
Chinese Grill
eaten Jalebi from Burhanpur Jalebi Centre
Had firni and sheer khurma at Suleiman Usman Mithaiwala
Falooda at Shalimar Cold Drinks

Now I found this write up by Mumbai Boss like it was written by me this is the street map ( WARNING HUSSEIN HAS CLOSED IT wasn't there when I went last)

visit at night best time 16:00 hours during Ramzan Roza iftaar time
Indiamike is a great site it helps us better than Indians because foreigners and tourists are fastidious in research. As compared to Mumbai Boss, which is detailed about addresses, with the excess info we sort of tend to l,lose the way, wheras , aadil is direct and short in his replies, he tells kiethH the best of Mohammed Ali Road. I too have said the same I suppose +12Handi.

A firstpostin article from some enthusiastic reporters Well written and factual

There are 3 places in India for a Carnivore Homo Sapien(Apart from Srinagar which not many travel to unfotunately)  as far as red meat goes , Mumbai, Delhi & Lucknow. Mumbai is more Bohri Muslim, but flavor is the domain of Awadhi Cooking. Lucknow holds the patents and copyrights to Mughal Cooking, using khara masala, ir dry spices of Garam Masala, the potli or the cloth bag, in which spices are tied and put into food, and taken out and thrown, gives Lucknow Pilav or Pilaf or Pulao the distinct flavour unmatched in any India cuisine.

You just have to go to chowk and Tundey Kebab's will bring your gastric juices. Here you could have Shami, sheekh and galoti kabab, pronthe and Biryani, or go to Chote Nawab for Galoti Kabab. My Lucknow favouirite is Capoor's in Hazratganj, for its continental food and 50's looks. This place is very near to the Doodh ka Jhag seller, who is unique to Lucknow and India. His sweet is so Soft n light that you could go on eating

Google Seatch, which again is hillariously wrong .
Vir Sanghvi RUDE FOOD explains Lucknowi Pulao beautifully.
Eating out in Lucknow
Restaurants ranked by tripadvisor in Lucknow

Google Search LINK
Eating Out in Delhi LINK
Mostly Jama Masji Area and Datyaganj
Imperial & Karim's
Raan at Karim
more later

Opp Kala Phot Studio inside ajmeri gate, Ajmeri Gate

Ashok Hotel station road
Awesome Punjabi and Mughlai
And best Dry fruit raita I have ever had in India
Butter Chiken & Dal Fry in pure gher
Joya , On Gajraula Moradabad Highway

Opp Syndicate Bank
Best Egg Parantha on earth

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